- S0llux ii2 0K!
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This is the first song I submitted to the Homestuck music contest, called “S0llux ii2 0K!”

Song details I sent to AH:

Song Title: S0llux iis 0k!

Arranged by: Cullen Lawson

Sampled from “The La2t Frontiier” by Toby “Radiation” Fox

and “Sunslammer” by Seth “Beatfox” Peelle

(Original “Sunsetter” by Toby “Radiation” Fox)

Song notes: A softer chiptune arrangement of Sollux Captor’s

theme from the Homestuck web comic by Andrew Hussie. Meant to

capture Sollux’s feelings on his recent blindness and “half-death”

(WHATEVER THAT MEANS… according to Karkat lol).

The music box-like melody can be percieved as Aradia (whose former

planet in the Medium was the Land of Quartz and Melody, and was known

for using music-box-like timetables, appropriately) guiding and

consoling Sollux through his new situation. The changing tempo

throughout the song further gives the illusion of listening to a

music box of sorts. I hope you enjoy it!


Yeah okay here is my track. Doesen´t make such a lot of difference if I post it now or later then I think…

…it´s for Sollux.

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This is a walkaround theme for Sollux. I have named it Doppler AnglerDoppler as in red shift and blue shift, and angler because Feferi was a nice catch. Obviously this is also a pun on the term doppelgänger.

One of the main goals here was to allude to themes of bipolar disorder and acceptance of death, and I managed that about as well as I ever could have hoped. The minor-major-minor key modulation was inspired by some of the saddest music I’ve ever heard, and the choice of instruments was driven largely by a close second from the game Terranigma. You should all go play that, by the way.

I guess that’s all?

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So I was thinking, if I don’t make a theme for Sollux with oboes and bassoons, who will? 

Thematically, double reeded instruments are the perfect choice. This was a lot of fun to make and this is pretty much the final, though I still have to mess around with the mixing a bit. Any crit or feedback would be great.

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So I’ve been procrastinating on finishing my Jade song wiiiiith…a Sollux song! I’m proud of this one even if I did recycle too many patterns whoops. I felt like the unique sound of a pentatonic scale would be perfect for Sollux. It was my ~artistic vision~ for him. I suggest that you listen with headphones so that all my obsessing over the panning doesn’t go to waste.

No name for this one either. It’ll probably be called something lame like “golly gee ii ju2t fuckiing love computer2 and al2o ii have a li2p”.

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“Half Alive” has been extended for about 40 more seconds

This song had been entered into Mr.Andrew Hussies album music contest

This is a song that was written for Sollux Captor

Hope everyone likes it better than the first!

Tell me how everyone thinks, this took FOREVER to do, but hey good work comes out of hard work

I’m so nervous :U