Elisa Moya - geisha angst
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The leyend of the blind dragon

this one is for redglare..

the image is made by me

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My Vriska theme isn’t nearly as cool as the others and it repeats a lot but I like how it ends. (It probably won’t get picked.)

(WOuld anyone mind if I reupload the Aradia song as an audio post? Is reupload a word?)


This was my second submission for the Homestuck music submission contest (Dirk’s theme actually being my third). It’s called One Armed Demon, and is a reference to (of course) “One Winged Angel” from FF7. It draws elements from the Homestuck songs “Black” and “Flare”. The ending actually merges the two with distorted rhythms, referencing Bec Noir’s immense spacial powers. I hope you all enjoy!

 - S0llux ii2 0K!
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This is the first song I submitted to the Homestuck music contest, called “S0llux ii2 0K!”

Song details I sent to AH:

Song Title: S0llux iis 0k!

Arranged by: Cullen Lawson

Sampled from “The La2t Frontiier” by Toby “Radiation” Fox

and “Sunslammer” by Seth “Beatfox” Peelle

(Original “Sunsetter” by Toby “Radiation” Fox)

Song notes: A softer chiptune arrangement of Sollux Captor’s

theme from the Homestuck web comic by Andrew Hussie. Meant to

capture Sollux’s feelings on his recent blindness and “half-death”

(WHATEVER THAT MEANS… according to Karkat lol).

The music box-like melody can be percieved as Aradia (whose former

planet in the Medium was the Land of Quartz and Melody, and was known

for using music-box-like timetables, appropriately) guiding and

consoling Sollux through his new situation. The changing tempo

throughout the song further gives the illusion of listening to a

music box of sorts. I hope you enjoy it!

Nick Brown - Stargaze
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Stargaze” - Nick Brown

art by Ronald Blevins


This is the first of three contest entries I made. I really think this one was the best of the songs I made. So I’m crossing my fingers! (But I probably won’t win.)

I, um, animated the picture a little bit.

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It seems everyone else is putting their songs under these post-thingies (I’m new to tumblr is it obvious?) so here is my Tavros theme. I tried to make it sound like a video game level. So it’s called “Level Start!” and it’s like Level 1-1 of the Land of Sand and Zephyr. Unluckily Tavros is stuck at this level. (If I can figure out how to put the picture up I’d show you what that means.)

me - FACEOFF!!!
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Ok this is a song I submitted for the Homestuck music contest. It’s a theme for Dirk. All of my songs were in a SNES-like format, and I think it sounds kinda cool. It’s called “FACEOFF!!!”, and could be played during an encounter with Sawtooth. Enjoy!

Nacturne - Void Hopper
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Nachturne - Void Hopper

Alright, I finally got to submitting this (half an hour before the deadline oops). Unfortunately I had to leave out the chiptune section because of time constraints but I think I managed to pull it together in the end! I added a few new sections too so hopefully no harm done!

Read more Here!

Art by my buddy JOE

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so i found this cool site called noteflight.com when i was trying to look for music writing software the other day. i decided to pop a little ditty i wrote a few years ago into it aaaaaaaand yes. and this is what happened.

and then i submitted it for that homestuck music contest as a song for jade, but we all know i won’t get anywhere with this brain vomit haha

just a little thing really, to remind myself mostly that i can still do music, even if it’s only short and simple like this